Haskon Bolt Company is one of the oldest fasteners companies in our country. Hilmi Köprülü, the founder of Haskon Bolt Inc., started his trade life with carpet trade in Koyunlu Town of Niğde, his hometown, in 1943. After that, he instituted carpet stores in Kütahya and Bursa respectively. Finally, he continued his carpet and furniture trade under the name of “Köprülü Carpet and Furniture” stores by settling down Konya in 1953. He attempted production industry in the bolt and fastener sector in 1977 and started bolt production in a workshop in Konya Meram Industrial Zone by establishing Haskon Bolt Inc. in 1978.

Our company relocated at the current factory in 1. Organized Industrial Zone to both increase the production capacity and close to other industry foundations. Haskon Bolt Company maintains its activities in the current production facility which has 3000 metersquare open and 5000 metersquare closed area.
Hilmi Köprülü, our founder, leans the fundamentals of Haskon Bolt Inc. on 3 golden rules;
•    The most valuable awards we may ever have in return to our producing products at superior quality are the reliance and adherence of our consumers for our brand.

•    The reliance and the adherence of our consumers necessitate producing the best products, and the obtained profit should be converted into investments.

•    The best quality products should be produced and offered to consumers for reasonable prices.

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